Our Services

Assisted Success

Our service offerings are designed to help define strategy, identify threats, build a risk profile, and implement the right technologies and solutions to secure your business. These services can be targeted to a specific project or requirement, or can be leveraged to address broad, strategic requirements for your organization.

Addressing security issues such as Malware, Advanced Persistent Threats, and Bring Your Own Device policies requires more than just a technological response to the problem at hand. Our approach is to work closely with you to define the problem, develop a strategy, and assist you in executing this plan; all with the simple end goal of finding solutions to compliment your IT security challenges.

We realize that many organizations demand that security be an integrated part of their business. That integration requires that we take into account critical components and systems, such as the overall strategic business plan, management and operations of systems and, of course, the defense and control of the systems that our clients rely on every day. We believe our greatest success is in assisting our clients with aligning technologies and solutions with their security program, resulting in a stronger, safer, and more resilient business

Security Consulting Services

Our expertise and industry experience is on offer to assist with a wide array of Security Consulting topics. Whether you require an assessment of an existing system, solution, or overall security program; we are prepared to help guide you toward a more secure business.

  • Security Assessment
  • IT Security Policy / Program Review
  • Architecture / Design
  • Incident Response
  • Staff augmentation
  • Custom support solutions
Product Services

Technology is an important component of your security program, and one that we are prepared to assist you with.

Leverage our technological expertise to help you:

  • Identify security technology needs
  • Define functional requirements
  • Develop a test methodology for evaluation of solutions
  • Product / solution implementation
  • Training / mentoring / knowledge transfer
  • Existing technology review
  • Product checkups / tuning
Managed Security Services

Keeping up with IT Security is no small task and requires vigilant dedication to ensuring your business is secure. We are available to act as an extension of your team, bringing our specialized skills and knowledge of IT Security.

  • Monitor the security of your environment
  • Operate security control and defense systems
  • Identify, analyze and respond to potential security threats
  • Allow you to focus on your core business
Training Services

Perhaps the most important, and often undervalued service is training. People are a critical resource in any IT Security program. To be effective, they require the proper training in their individual area(s) of concentration.

We offer a range of training solutions and services to ensure your employees are empowered with the knowledge that the security of your organization depends on.

  • Product specific training
  • On-site knowledge transfer / mentoring (in your environment)
  • Review / update / refresh sessions
  • Custom course development
Integration Services

With such a wide range of technologies and manufacturers, it can be challenging to leverage the full capabilities of your products and services.

Our expertise with a wide range of products and integration technologies will allow you to maximize the return on your investment, and make the most of your network.

  • McAfee's OpenDXL technology
  • Gemalto HSM and KeySecure
  • Architecture design and review
  • Experienced development team